RAM Probe - Advanced Diagnostic Tool

What is the latest version of memtest?

RAM Probe version 1.70 was released 01/01/2007. As of it's release, the most recent Memtest86 version is 3.2 released 11/11/2004. The most recent Memtest86+ version is 1.65 released 10/01/2005. The only version of OCZ Memtest86 was released 10/28/2004.

Why did you rename the project to RAM Probe?

OTCOMP Memtest was renamed to RAM Probe as a result of the confusion in naming among previous projects. The original codebase is known as Memtest86, while another codebase is Memtest86+. OCZ Technology also uses the Memtest86 name but is based on the memtest86+ 1.27 source tree. A few of our users began calling our project memtest86++, and we just wanted to end that trend so we decided for a fresh start. We still acknowledge the code's heritage and continue to encourage code sharing with all other memtest86 based repositories. Rest assured, the softwarecove codebase will continue to be the most up to date free RAM analysis software on the market!

I'm a Windows/Mac user and do not understand what to do with this software?

We publish our software as images to be written to either CDROM or Floppy. You then reboot your machine and run directly from the CD/Floppy so it does not matter what operating system you have. Just follow our instructions on how to create the CD or Floppy.